The Internet Partner is an GBCFX program which provides website owners with an excellent opportunity to make money. Our partnership program is open to any website, regardless of popularity, theme, or geography. We offer our partners several types of income prospects.
Cooperation Forms

The major idea behind the partnership program is to pay for every visitor you bring to

The following options for partnerships are available:

Placement of direct links, text advertisements, and banners from our site directly on your site
New partner referral (leading to a direct profit from his earnings)

Financial Relations

  • 1. General Payment Procedures

    Partner compensation is accrued by default on the 15th day of each month following the accrual month. Compensation is calculated by summing up compensations for visitors (clicks) and the income of new partners (referrals).
    All compensation is calculated based on the metrics of our partnership program, which are made available to our partners. Statistical errors due to technical impossibility to determine a partner’s visitor or buyer are discounted when calculating the compensation.

  • 2. Compensation for Target Visitor

    Your compensation is 0,5 cent for every visitor (click) per day. Visitors are determined by their IP addresses. Compensation for visitors is calculated under the supposition that one out of every 500 target visitors makes one order. If this ratio is exceeded, “extra” visitors will be considered as non-target, and no added compensation will be accrued.

  • 3. Compensation for Partner Referral

    Your compensation for introducing a new partner is 5 % of such partner’s income for an appropriate period.

  • 4. Payment Procedures

    Payments are made once a month or less frequently (divisible by months), upon the partner’s instructions. The money transfer methods available:

    Electronic pay systems: Yandex.Money, Web-Money (1 % commission, minimum sum: $ 50)
    Postal transfer (10 % commission, minimum sum: $ 100)
    Bank transfer (1 % commission, minimum sum: $ 100)
    Commission charges are paid by the partner and are automatically deducted from the payment.

    You may verify your payment amounts and calculations. Partners have access to our statistical reports on visitors, orders, and referral payment amounts. You may also receive e-mail notifications.

  • 5. The Parties’ Responsibilities

    Your consent to join the partnership program represents an acceptance of all terms and regulations. We reserve the right to unilaterally amend these terms and regulations, and commit to notifying all partners of amendments by e-mail with at least one week’s notice

    The partner is fully responsible for the development, operation, and content of the partner’s web site and for any damages, losses, and additional expenses that aren’t related to the partnership program.