The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

Introducing Broker

Introducing Brokers are individuals or organisations earning commissions and/or discounts for attracting clients to GBCFX.

Advantages of working with GBCFX.

Fast Project Launch

You have an opportunity to set up your own highly profitable business with a stable monthly income using ready and tested business models. GBCFX guarantees full support through all phases of organising a representative’s office: training, professional skills development, operation assistance based on our experience, and introduction of proven promotions for the services offered.

Sophisticated Software

In order to process transactions over the Internet, we use the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, which allows full-scale technical analysis using our own indicators. MetaTrader 4 also allows for the creation and implementation of any trading strategy and mechanical trading systems as well as to export data online. MetaTrader 4 Mobile for mobile phones and Pocket PC makes it possible to trade on financial markets, review price charts, and open orders from anywhere in the world.

Company Brand Promotion

GBCFX gives full support in the design of advertising and marketing campaigns by providing advertising materials. Furthermore, our partners have full access to our IB-site, an Internet informational and advertising resource designed and approved by our company. The partner has the right to use the site, display any required information (such as advertising and news materials) related to the representative office’s operations, link to the site, and refer to the site as the informational and advertising Internet resource of GBCFX’s representative office. The right to use the site is provided to the partner free of charge for the entire duration of the Agent Agreement.

Personalized Approach

The major difference in the GBCFX partnership program is its individual approach to every client: any type of strategic business partnerships can be considered. We highly value our relationships with each of our partners. The agreements are tailored to each partner depending on his resources and objectives.

Regional representative main responsibilities

  • Identifying, attracting, and serving customers interested in working in financial markets
  • Setting up and organizing a well-equipped office and a dealing centre in the city’s business quarters, using the latest computer technologies and communication channels
  • Leading advertising activities and PR campaigns in the region
  • Holding negotiations with potential clients and partners
  • Holding seminars and lectures
  • Offering customer support for opening trading accounts and software usage.

Procedure to become an IB

  • Step 1

    Fill out a detailed online partner questionnaire and forward it to the regional development department.
    Your questionnaire will be reviewed.
    A cooperation proposal (based on your experience), an Agent Agreement, and a IB compensation package will be sent to you

  • Step 2

    You review and consider our proposal
    Your decision to pursue the cooperation is sent by e-mail.

  • Step 3

    Upon a positive decision, you send the required documents for finalizing the Agent Agreement
    We prepare the Agent Agreement and send it to you in duplicate for approval and signature by mail or by courier
    You confirm shipment of the signed documents.

  • Step 4

    Your IB-account is created, and we produce a name for your IB-group
    A login and password for your IB-account is sent
    You are ready to launch your operations as a Representative for our company

  • Step 5

    Your operations are monitored during 3 months following signature of the Agent Agreement
    After 3 months of monitoring your operations, we will contact you in order to discuss potential future cooperation

    if you would like more information on the partnership program, please fill out the partner questionnaire. One of our regional managers will contact you directly in order to provide you with additional information.